The Children Of The White Goddess



The film is set in a small Russian town where a series of violent murders are committed. It son becomes clear that the murders are connected. Three film characters deal with the investigation – Aleksandr Zavyalov, a brilliant gumshoe, German Goranin, a handsome-looking deputy prosecutor, and Pyotr Zabelin, a loser right out of the nick. In addition to vividly depicted characters and unexpected plot twists the series has an unpredictable and incredible finale.


Yevgeniy Atarik, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Georgiy Teslya- Gerasimov, Ruslan Spoyalo, Yekaterina Konesevich, Oleg Vasilkov, Olga Popova, Lavrentiy Svetlichniy, Yevgeniya Bordzilovskaya, at al.

Written by

Ivan Petrov


Aleksandr Aleshnikov

Music by

Angelina Romanenko, Lev Rostotskiy

Directed by

Aleksandr Pavlovskiy


Yauza Film


"Forward Film"

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