The main character is Alexander Zhelvis, an investigator of the prosecutor’s office. He is pedantic, witty and sharp.

He is hated by his colleagues and bosses. In addition to liking his work “on the ground”, which means breaking the subordination; Zhelvis always tells the truth to everyone. Zhelvis always builds his own version of everything that happens.

No-one has so much as made an attempt to fire him from the prosecutor’s office. Simply because he’s the best in what he does.

Together with his only friend, operative Zabrodin, Zhelvis will masterfully and spectacularly solve several tough cases.


Aleksandr Lykov, Gennadiy Spiridenkov , Evgeniya Beloborodova , Filipp Chevychelov , Olesya Berezhnaya , Anatoliy Hropov , Igor Volkov , Stanislav Oskolkov , Aleksandr Stroev, at al.

Written by

Vladimir Gromov, Tatyana Gorkovaya


Evgeniy Kolokolnikov

Music by

Pavel Zavyalov

Directed by

Aleksey Bogdanov


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"


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