Roman Polyanskii, Elena Radevich, Artur Litvinov, Valeriya Suhacheva, Denis Sinyavskii, Sergei Kolos, Andrei Rebrov, Anna Aref'eva, Dmitrii Sutyrin, Valentin Zaharov

Written by

Maksim Esaulov, Sergei Maiorov


Nikita Rojdestvenskii

Music by

Svyatoslav Kurashov

Directed by

Stanislav Titarenko


Progress Studio


"Forward Film"




Gena Rykov is a DEA operative.

When he took the job his intentions were clean, but being determines consciousness. When everybody around you tries to make an easy buck it’s hard to remain a black sheep. Gena sells protection to street vendors and solves businessmen’s problems, passes bribes and helps raiders. He’ll do anything for money. Gena’s aim is to survive and make a living.

Of course some policemen are different – honest and poor idiots. They consider Gena a traitor. But he doesn’t care. Only idiot can live like that.

Once, Gena is asked to assist in getting a crime lord out of prison. To solve the problem, Gena has to join the investigation team.

One of the investigators, a young girl, happens to be one of those honest idiots. You can’t make a deal with her. Gena has to play it safe and smooth to win her faith. But suddenly he starts to realize that the girl is so different from all the rest of his colleagues. And she’s stronger, so much so that he begins to feel sympathy towards her, which soon evolves into something more serious.

Meanwhile, the crime lord’s cronies grow restless. They are ready to go to extremes to make the girl do what they want. Gena has to make a choice, and he makes it. Now he has to deal with his buddies, who also consider him a traitor. He has to remind himself that once he was a skilled operative, not a money hungry rogue cop. Can a 30 year old man be born again and turn his life around? Will he be able to atone for his sins and become honest again? Can love change a man for the better?


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