Igor Vernik, Olga Kabo, Sergey Mahovikov, Vladimir Menshov, Vyacheslav Zholobov, Yuriy Nifontov, Vladimir Yumatov, Mihail Homyakov, Aleksandr Lyrchikov, Igor Vasilev, Vladimir Konkin, Ilya Averbuh

Written by

Eduard Hrutskiy


Grigoriy Belenkiy

Music by

Sergey Terehov

Directed by

Vsevolod Plotkin, Aleksandr Stefanovich




Vladimir Dostal

Time Of Savages



An action-packed detective series based on the story entitled The Silent Death supplemented by recently discovered material.

A thrilling detective story plays out in the early days of the new democratic power in Russia. It follows the lives of a group of counterintelligence and police officers that turns tragic. Not all of them could stand the moral pressure and the tough criticism of the secret services. Many officers left the service, but some stayed, namely those for whom protection of the state interests was the main goal of their life – FSB Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Koltsov and Police Major Igor Rodionov.

Their antipode is SWAT’s Senior Lieutenant Boris Kondrashov aka “Captain” who left military service to become an arms dealer. He sells weapons to criminal groups both in Russia and abroad...

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