The Whirlpool



The film portrays the story of an old holiday village whose inhabitants’ families have had friendly relations for many generations. Together they celebrate holidays, handle problems and live through streaks of bad luck. Nika Mstislavova, a heiress to one of the village’s oldest homeowners who died under mysterious circumstances, moves into her late grandmother’s house and tries to find out the truth behind the dreadful and mysterious events which take place in the village.


Anastasiya Makeeva, Irina Kartashova, Igor Filippov, Vladislav Reznik, Tatyana Ivanova, Vladimir Baranov, Fedor Lavrov, Semen Sytnik, Leyla Kirakosyan, at al.

Written by

Anush Vardanyan


Leonid Vasilev

Music by

Vadim Bibergan

Directed by

Aleksey Shikin


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

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