Oleg Shklovskiy, Oleg Haritonov, Oleg Filipchik, Konstantin Solovev, at al.

Written by

Vladislav Romanov, Svetlana Nesterova, Artem Hryakov


Vladimir Shevtsik

Music by

Vladimir Komarov

Directed by

Valeriy Uskov, Vladimir Krasnopolskiy


Yauza Film


"Forward Film"

The Web



The main character, Fyodor Tumanov (chief of Homicide Division), is an experienced officer. While guarding the law he always has to walk on the edge of a razor: his colleagues try to set him up, and his enemies declare an open season on him...

His work is too dangerous. Sometimes he doesn’t only have to investigate crimes but also to protect his own life. And woe be to him that threatens the life of his kinsfolk...

The crime bosses would like to get rid of Tumanov. But he is in possession of incriminating evidence concerning the empire created by the old thief Monomach.

Monomach is a very dangerous enemy. The detective crossed his path by acquiring a disk with the evidence. They cannot decide the matter peacefully. Both of them put their lives on the line.


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