The Puppet



On the eve of Governor’s elections a journalist is murdered. Law enforcement officers are called into the investigation, but at the same time a private detective holds his own investigation. Strange details of the complicated relations between the Governor and the world around him come into the open with important questions answered: Who has the power? Who is the “puppet” and who are “puppeteers”?


Sergey Shakurov, Aleksandr Dedyushko, Igor Bochkin, Evgeniy Papernyy, Sergey Romanyuk, Les' Serdyuk, Viktoriya Malektorovich, Tatyana Nazarova, David Babaev, Igor Petrusenko, at al.

Written by

Oleg Prihodko


Pavel Nebera

Music by

Oleg Kiva

Directed by

Boris Nebieridze, Vladimir Popkov


“DomFilm”, “UNTK”


Vladimir Dostal, Dmitriy Livinets

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