Denis Rozhkov, Alexei Komashko, Nikolai Kozak

Written by

Maxim Yezupov, Denis Latypov


Music by

Vadim Buzenkov

Directed by

Sergei Polyansky


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

The Carrier



The movie focuses on Igor Granovsky, 30, who was brought up as an orphan, served in the Caucasus as a contract soldier and now works as a collector. He is married and has a son.

A collector’s vehicle is robbed in Krasnoozersk. It was transporting cash intended for paying salary to employees of a struggling pulp and paper plant.

Two of the collectors, Granovsky and Sysoyev, have apparently shot their co- worker Chesnokov, stolen millions of rubles and disappeared.

The case is investigated by the local chief police investigator Komarov who manages to track down the perpetrators within two days. The police discover Sysoyev’s dead body, Igor Granovsky with a serious head wound and some of the cash in a hunting lodge deep in the woods. The investigators reckon Granovsky and Sysoyev shot each other. They had with them fake foreign travel passports with visas and plane tickets. Yet, most of the money is gone. The criminals must have hidden it in the woods in order to come back for it later.

Since Granovsky and Sysoyev knew the local woodlands well, finding the money seems next to impossible. The only chance to find it is to wait until Granovsky gets better. But when he wakes up it turns out he doesn’t remember a thing. Moreover, he doesn’t even remember committing the crime. Sysoyev and Chesnokov had been his friends since their time in orphanage. Together they served in the army as draftees, then as contract soldiers in Chechnya. After that they went on to become collectors. They and their families were very close to each other. Granovsky cannot believe he was capable of doing such a thing.

Yet the evidence proves to the contrary. Even Granovsky’s wife says he promised her their lives would change for the better and they would move south. Neither Komarov, nor the owners of the money believe Igor.

Feeling desperate, Granovsky decides to escape in order to solve his own crime, find the hidden money and save his family.

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