Ada Rogovtseva, Dmitriy Palamarchuk, Sergei Mardar, Felix Antipov, Yuriy Itskov, Fyodor Lavrov et. al.

Written by

Marina Postnikova with the participation of Tatiana Gorkova


Timur Iskyandarov

Music by

Maxim Koshevarov, Pyotr Rozlomiy

Directed by

Mikhail Smirnov


Yauza Film


"Forward Film"

The Brand



The project’s main heroes are Yakov Shvedov, 30, a gifted medical doctor, and Olga Luganskaya, an adventurist. She’s on the wrong side of 70, but she’s smart, beautiful and active. As she arrives in a small town near Saint Petersburg she gets attacked right at the train station and soon becomes Shvedov’s patient. As he earnestly does what he is supposed to do as a doctor she has to carry out the assignment of her late husband, a criminal kingpin. Before his death he told her to deliver the Ring of Wreath to his underworld successor, a cruel and cunning gangster nicknamed Lynx.

Willy-nilly, Olga gets Yakov and two of his closest friends, Police Major Garnichenkov and Yakov’s neighbor pensioner Masalskiy, involved in her affairs. So Yakov starts looking for the truth. And... solves a murder, finds the inheritance and uncovers the secret which Olga had been keeping for almost 70 years! Olga’s main goal is to prevent unworthy people from gaining unlimited power. As a result, the underworld community is deprived of its leader and scattered.

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