Sergey Nikonenko, Oleg Savkin, Yuriy Tsurilo, Elena Ksenofontova, Said Bagov, Andrey Finyagin, Olga Sumskaya, Aleksandr Filippenko, Alena Alymova, Viktor Glushkov, Oleg Trepovskiy, Anatoliy Zimovenko

Written by

Tatyana Artseulova, Anna Suvorova


Pavel Nebera

Music by

Vladislav Grimalskiy

Directed by

Aleksandr Parhomenko




Vladimir Dostal

The Theater Of The Doomed



An action-packed mystery based on the same-titled novel by Mikhail Mart.

A leading actress is killed during a show at a thriving drama theater. Police colonel Trifonov takes on the murder investigation unaware that the killing is just the first ring in a chain of murderous crimes planned by a sophisticated killer. The first death is followed by the violent deaths of other actors which happen under the most unexpected circumstances. Time and again the investigation runs into dead ends. Many members of the theater staff fall under suspicion. It seems that the killer planned his actions in such a way that trying to catch him is useless – he always manages to vanish into thin air. But finally we should learn who played the sinister part.

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