Mikhail Trukhin, Alexander Polovtsev

Written by

Alexander Reiting, Dmitry Tersky


Ivan Bagayev, R.G.C.

Music by

Pyotr Rozlomiy

Directed by

Alexei Shikin


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"Forward Film"

The Island of Wolves

TV Movie


The Homicide cops are a freewheeling bunch but they keep their eyes on the ball. Solovets, Volkov and Dymov are busy solving murder cases as usual. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they risk their life. But they always succeed.

Each of the characters is hugely popular among the Streets of Broken Streetlights fandom. Oleg Solovets (Chief Of Homicide, police lieutenant colonel played by Alexander Polovtsev) and Vyacheslav Volkov (Homicide officer, police major played by Mikhail Trukhin) have been working for the benefit of his home city for more than 15 years. Nikolai Dymov (Homicide officer, police major played by Yevgeni Dyatlov) made his first appearance in the sixth season 8 years ago and has become very popular among the female part of the audience.

Now the time has come for each of the characters to tell his own story...

At a party an ordinary guy Anton, while protecting his girlfriend Katya, unexpectedly for himself shoots and seriously wounds her assailant Igor. Katya convinces Anton that he should hide from the police and takes him to her cabin on the Island of Wolves. The police find out Anton’s whereabouts, and Major Volkov travels to the Island to catch him. Meanwhile Igor’s dad promises to pay a huge bounty to whoever reveals Anton’s whereabouts. The beat cop Krasavtsev who works on the case together with Volkov decides he needs the money. Mitrokhin assembles a team and also sets out for the Island to avenge his beloved son.

Volkov is the first to find Anton. Because of the bad weather which disrupts the navigation the Major and Anton have to spend the night at the local police station. Unbeknownst that the person who really turned the heroes into hostages is in the cell next to theirs they are forced to defend themselves from an invisible killer all night long.

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