Aleksey Titkov, Maksim Fomin, Boris Hvoschanskiy, Roman Nechaev, Vitaliy Kononov, Emiliya Spivak

Written by

Maksim Esaulov, Andrey Romanov


Leonid Vasilev

Music by

Evgeniy Fedorov

Directed by

Vyacheslav Lavrov


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

The Hounds



Detective Max Gradov is unable to get along with his bosses. The bosses are extremely irritated by independent ways of their subordinate who is capable of breaking every rule, imaginable or unimaginable, and even the law in the name of what he thinks of as justice.

As a result, Maxim faces dismissal from police force, and his prospects are vague at best... But suddenly, an old friend of his, Colonel Velikanov nicknamed Gorynich, visits his direct superior and takes the high-toned detective under his wing.

And so Gradov, who had been dreaming of being a real detective, finds himself in a new job, which at first seems unspeakably boring to him... Very soon, however, he gets to realize that his first impression was quite wrong. His service in Velikanov’s division turns out to be far more troublesome and dangerous than what he did before. The small team of brave and skillful professionals headed by Gorynich searches for the most dangerous criminals – prison escapees...


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