Yuriy Tarasov, Natalya Shamina, Mihail Tryasorukov, Aleksey Uteganov, Mihail Vasserbaum, Leonid Alimov, Sergey Russkiy, Sergey Mardar, Vladimir Bogdanov, Aleksandr Bolshakov, Vladimir Zamorochinskiy, Gleb Chelischev

Written by

Georgiy Nikolaev


Igor Berson

Music by

Oleg Gitarkin

Directed by

Sergey Vinokurov




Vladimir Dostal

The Hoodlums

Criminal Comedy


A criminal comedy/satirical saga based on the popular novels by D. Cherkasov: Songs for the Hoodlums, Cancan for the Hoodlums, Raglan for the Hoodlums and One Day in the Life of Arkadiy Davidovich.

The plot centers on the adventures of a closely knit group of hoodlums, who control various businesses in one of the Saint Petersburg districts, and Denis Rybakov, a schooltime chum of theirs, who provides them with advice on how to stay out of trouble. The hoodlums appreciate what Dennis does for them because he seems to be able to find a way out of any situation, however difficult it may seem, by cunningly twisting the law to suit the purposes of the underworld. And an imperfect law is easy to twist as evidenced by many examples, both funny and paradoxical...

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