Sergei Yushkevich, Yuri Arkhangelskiy, Konstantin Strelnikov, Marina Konyashkina, Dmitri Volodin, Natalia Indeikina, Alexandra Sydoruk, Polina Vorobyova, Alexei Fokin, Tatiana Kolganova, Nikolai Burov, Sergei Dyachkov, et al.

Written by

Maksim Esaulov, Andrey Orlov


Alexander Polagayev

Music by

Maxim Koshevarov

Directed by

Stanislav Titarenko


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

The Doctor



A chain of violent deaths leads the operative Govorov into the Putilov Hospital where a young manager of a pharmaceutical company mysteriously dies from a light wound. Govorov’s bosses close the case but Govorov can’t stop thinking about it. Meanwhile, a new experimental drug to cure hepatitis is received at the Hospital. A team of medics is quickly assembled to test the drug on patients. The team is headed by Vazhov, an old medical doctor who is honest and incorruptible. Vazhov gets suspicious when the first patient dies soon after taking the drug. Then another patient dies a strange death. Suddenly it is revealed that the Health Ministry has not ordered the testing... Who is behind the deaths? How many of them are yet to follow?

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