The Bus

Road Adventure


Valery Petrovich is a bus driver. He serves various events on orders from companies and individuals. This involves one or maximum two day trips.

Everything would have remained the same for God knows how long if it were not for the new trainee, Yuriy Stepanovich. A kid with a childish and naïve stare.

Once the kid is in the picture, all kinds of weird things start to happen. A mystery, a comedy, a drama ...

Each episode has its share of adventures.


Viktor Proskurin, Kirill Vasilev, Natalya Iohvidova, Vyacheslav Molokov, Valeriy Zhukov, Vladimir Tereschenko, Yuriy Ekimov, Anna Gulyarenko, Vasilisa Nahabtseva, Pavel Smeyan, Aleksandr Lenkov, at al.

Written by

Svetlana Abovskaya, Sergey Vinogradov, Irina Ratushinskaya, Inna Svechenovskaya, Andrey Shitikov, at al.


Sergey Mokritskiy, Gennadiy Morozov

Music by

Angelina Romanenko, Lev Rostovskiy

Directed by

Vladimir Nahabtsev


ATV Production


"Forward Film"

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