The Airport is a multi-genre TV series. It combines the elements of comedy, drama and mystery. But first of all, The Airport is about people. Employees of various airport services and passengers of all races, ages and religions. Some are troubled, some are happy, some are sad. There are many main characters in the series. Every one of them has their own story. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes dramatic, but always interesting because the airport team is like a big and happy family. Passions run here like in any other family: conflicts, dramas, jealousy and, of course, heavenly love. Because the airport is a heaven’ gate.

The life of a modern airport is far from being calm. Although the work is done in a routine manner, every day may bring some extraordinary event not covered by technical manuals...


Aleksandr Vorobiev, Aleksey Myasnikov, Evgeniy Hardikov, Tagir Rahimov, Anna Snatkina, Nataliya Panova, Elena Antipova, Yuliya Romashova, Irina Shebeko, Galina Sazonova, Oleg Maslennikov, Timur Savin, Olga Spirkina, at al.

Written by

Valentin Chernyh, Yuliya Damsker


Grigoriy Rudakov

Music by

Sergey Kornilov

Directed by

Egor Grammatikov, Aleksandr Guryanov


“New Russian Serial”


Andrey Kamorin

The Airport

A multi-genre series



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