Olga Ponizova, Aleksandr Porohovschikov, Andrey Bolsunov, Pavel Safonov, Olga Bityukova, Aleksandr Yatsko, Viktor Verzhbitskiy, Sergey Yushkevich, Elena Galyanova, Pavel Remizov, at al.

Written by

Anna Bessonova, Sergey Litvinov, Aleksandr Stefanovich


Filipp Fedorov

Music by


Directed by

Dmitriy Dyachenko


Film Company Globus-TV


Andrey Kamorin

The Adventure Seeker



The Adventure Seeker screenplay is based on the literary works by Anna and Sergei Litvinov titled All Girls Like Diamonds, Quick and Smart, The Loser Takes It All, You Can’t Rise from the Dead Twice.There are people who seek adventures. Unlike the lives of ordinary persons, their lives are full of romantic, horrible or incredible events.

Tatiana Savicheva is a person that fits the description. Each day brings her a new adventure. Treasure hunts, travels and, of course, romance.

Because of her lust for adventure the charming Tanya keeps on getting into serious troubles. But she is smart, resourceful and is capable of protecting herself.

Her stepfather, Valeriy Khodasevich, a strong-minded and clever secret service colonel in retirement with good connections in his former office, is there to help her when she’s in serious danger.

With such a guardian angel at her side, Tanya is not afraid of gangsters and mafia. The touching story of friendship and trust between the stepdaughter and the stepfather is the keynote idea of the series.

Being a young and pretty girl, Tatiana has several boyfriends – Dima, a young journalist and her first love, Igor, a professional card player and con man, Mikhail, who is with a mysterious organization, and Tom, an unsuccessful Irish writer ...

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