Legend Of Tampuk



A comedy series – screen adaptation of a novelette by V. Tikhomirov and S. Gureyev, Nobody Wanted Anybody... or The Story of the Real TAMPUK.

The series centers around a naïve and hapless Moroccan named Mananga who suddenly finds himself thrown into a whirlpool of violent events in Russia. A mixture of adventure and comedy, the plot penetrates practically all the social spheres through which the heroes have to travel: medics, occultists, army, mental asylum, police, secret services. A journey with the hero and his company will be fascinating, amusing and full of joy.


Adinoiy Ozigis Suberu ,Ekaterina Vasileva, Armen Dzhigarhanyanb Lev Borisov, Sergey Behterev, Aleksandr Romantsov, Aleksandr Ivanov, Sergey Russkiy, Ivan Krasko, Aleksey Devotchenko, Igor Lifanov, Yuriy Orlov, Zoya Buryak, Dzhuliano Di Kapua

Written by

Vladimir Vardunas


Viktor Gonchar

Music by

Igor Kornelyuk

Directed by

Andrey Benkendorf




Vladimir Dostal

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