Synergistic Approach

Television is a powerful medium with which we are all familiar. Different time segments have different viewer profiles. Indeed, each television program will have a different viewer profile, with similar types of program having similar types of profile. Indeed, the companies that have achieved broadcast ratings are in the business of buying, making and broadcasting programs that will attract a certain type of audience - an audience they believe will be a saleable commodity to advertisers.

Thus, with careful planning and the accurate targeting of script writing, casting and production, it is possible to reach almost any type of viewer. Bearing in mind that about 98% of the population owns at least one television set, you have an almost unique opportunity to enter the sitting rooms of almost everyone in the country.


NMP is a leader in both large scale media library management, and, together with its affiliates, a leader in service delivery and media content production, across the areas of film and television. It has also aiming to become a leader in original online content production and distribution, with its experience and expertise of affiliated news aggregation websites being arguably the leading online news and information sites in Russian language the world.


Certainly NMP and its affiliates synergistic approach to establishing an integrated multimedia network has rendered it unique and highly promising business.

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