Denis Rozhkov (Bogun), Maxim Shchegolev (Osipov), Vladimir Feklenko (Makarkin), Ivan Soloviev (Steshin), Sergei Murzin (Ishchenko), Y evgeniya Solyanykh (Kholodova), Nikolai Kozak (Litoi), Andrei Belozerov (Geologist), et al.

Written by

Andrei Larikov


Anton Silantiev

Music by

Directed by

Rustam Urazayev


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

Street Rules



Four police officers – Bogun, Steshin, Makarkin and Osipov – are just people like everybody else albeit with more difficult and dangerous jobs. Every day they struggle to survive and get back home. And to somehow find time to sort out their personal lives.

Mikhail Bogun does everything on the run, forcing confessions out of criminals, falling in love, fighting, searching for clues. Denis Steshin, a fresh graduate of the Police Academy and a cop’s son, is still a rookie. His youthful zest sometimes stands in the way of his performance but his experienced and thoughtful colleague, Srgei Osipov, helps him to cool off. A good-natured forensic expert, Dmitri Makarkin is seemingly tireless, he has a say in every case taken on by the team. He is always ready to lend his support and cheer up a friend. But sometimes he feels sad too. Leading a double life brings more dismay than joy. The motley team is led by the haughty and stern lieutenant colonel Arkady Ishchenko. The guys see him as a father figure although he rarely stops from meting out punishment. The team leader Is stern but fair- minded and protects his charges at all costs. Each of the officers secretly believes that all will be well in the end and hopes for the best... But then the job routine is broken by a serious case. In the course of investigation into one of the gangs’ turf wars the cops find out that one of their most experienced team members, Sergei Osipov, has ties with one of the gangsters. How can a cop and a gangster be connected? What law can be used to judge them?

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