Sergei Gorobchenko, Dmitri Palamarchuk,  Sergei Koshonin, Igor Ivanov, Denis Gorin, Natalia Andreyeva, Valentin Zakharov, Valeria Sukhachova, et al.

Written by

M.Esaulov, R.Lebedev, D.Filippov


F.Odorovskiy, N.Rozhdestvenskiy, G.Klimov

Music by

Andrei Ivanov

Directed by

Georgi Danielyan


Studio Navigator


"Forward Film"




After spending many years abroad Mikhail Aristov (Sergei Gorobchenko) returns to his home country with strong hopes for a new life. The country of his childhood has changed significantly, and now he feels like a stranger here. Good-hearted and honest, Mikhail has hard time getting accustomed to the life in modern Russia where lawlessness and corruption now hold sway. One day Mikhail sees his neighbor mistreat her dog. He tries to stop the violence and rescue the poor animal. To punish the offender Mikhail calls the police but they refuse to take him seriously. But the next day Mikhail is visited by an officer from the local police station with an unexpected proposal for Mikhail to become an undercover agent.

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