Stolypin. Lessons Unlearned

Historical Drama


The first decade of the 20th century - crucial time for Russia: rapid growth of industry and Revolution of 1905-1907, vital social reforms and terrorists assaults... In the center of this was Stolypin, a great reformer and hand of all changes who tried to bring Russia to success and prosperity.

This series demonstrates Russia of that time - with its magnificence and poverty, power and weakness on the eve of more tragic events that happened in Russia later...


Oleg Klishin, Mihail Eliseev, Aleksey Devotchenko, Aleksandr Stroev, Roman Gabria, Natalya Surkova, Valeriy Doronin, Vladimir Smirnov, Natalya Burmistrova, Vera Bobrova, Vladimir Smirnov, Tara Amirhanova, Valeriy Kuhareshin, Dmitriy Gotsdiner, Svetlana Nemirovskaya, at al.

Written by

Eduard Volodarskiy


Aleksandr Korneev

Music by

Andrey Petrov

Directed by

Yuriy Kuzin




Vladimir Dostal

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