Written by

Yulia Matsuk


Alexei Solodov

Music by

Svyatoslav Kurashov

Directed by

Yevgeny Sologalov




"Forward Film"

The Steppe Wolves



The series is set in a modern-day provincial town, Stepniye Kurgany, in southern Russia. The town is literally owned by the criminal gang called “Steppe Wolves” whose members have been constantly terrorizing the citizens.

A young investigator, Dymov, a man with principles, arrives in Kurgany to take up a new job. He soon discovers that the Wolves have set their own rules and everybody must pander to them.

After a while the investigator comes to realize that in a small town where everybody is connected with everybody else by family or business ties he should be more flexible and willing to compromise. Sometimes he is even forced to concede that the kind of justice meted out by the Steppe Wolves is more effective and useful than the one coming from the law. During such moments the investigator experiences a serious inner crisis. He observes his system of values crumble and no longer knows where he stands. Yet he is able to overcome those crises and stay on his job.

At times, it gets personal. The investigator’s fiancé who followed him to Stepniye Kurgany falls in love with a member of the Steppe Wolves. Now she faces a difficult choice between the good guy and the bad guy with the former and the latter locked in a fight. They are no longer sure whether they are fighting against each other as a cop and a robber or as rivals in love

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