Vladislav Reznik, Aleksandr Tsurkan, Sergey Zharkov, Elena Golyanova, Yuriy Osipov, Aleksandr Dyachenko

Written by

Aleksandr Poklad, Andrey Tumarkin, Boris Han, Mihail Han, Artem Hryakov


Ivan Malyutin, Andrey Kavardakov, Andrey Kavardakov sr., Vladislav Hynku

Music by

Artur Stepanyan

Directed by

Maksim Mokrushev, Sergey Mokritskiy, Vasiliy Serikov, Roman Romanovskiy, Vladimir Nahabtsev, Dmitriy Dyachenko


ATV Production


"Forward Film"

The Special Force



With a lot of recently produced mystery shows depicting cops, secret agents and gangsters it’s strange that there are no stories describing the work of FSB officers although it’s they who ensure the security of the Russian state. FSB people conduct counterintelligence activities, fight terrorism, political and religious extremism, investigate economic crimes, guard frontiers and combat drug trafficking.

That’s what the characters of The Special Force will have to deal with. All of them work in a regional FSB department outside Moscow. For them, ensuring the security of the state does not only mean fighting the evil in the global sense, but also providing the security of each ordinary citizen.

The series is being produced in cooperation with FSB so the heroes’ actions are as close to the truth as possible. Many plot lines are taken from real FSB operations.

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