Sergey Peregudov, Vladimir Matveev, Mihail Tryasorukov, Dmitriy Averin, Nikolay Burov, Maksim Merkulov, Maryana Kirsanova, Andrey Feskov, Sergey Umanov, Vitaliy Gorev, Aleksandr Ronis, at al.

Written by

Yuriy Epshteyn


Aleksandr Polagaev

Music by

Svyatoslav Kurashov

Directed by

Konstantin Statskiy


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

Special Agent



He is entrusted with the most difficult and risky cases. He’s used to work alone. Often he has to bear responsibility for matters of state or sometimes international significance. Who is he? James Bond? No. Better. He’s Ignat Barabanov, a Special Agent.

The sixth season adds a new dimension to the popular series about the Russian James Bond –in terms of both incredible narrative twists and smart dialogues. New times demand a new hero. Although Barabanov is new, he is also a very familiar hero. He’s explosive and hot-tempered. He has a strong sense of justice. Whenever he takes a careful aim he never hits the target. But he never misses when acting on the fly. And the most important thing: he’s got luck.

Barabanov is charged with catching extremely dangerous criminals and solving the most tangled cases. His goal is noble: he’s protecting the lives and peace of his compatriots. That’s why he’s a Special Agent


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