Inna Kolyada, Andrei Kazakov, Andrei Perovich, Alexei Vinnikov, Yelena Drapeko, Dmitry Golovin, et al.

Written by

Valeria Podorozhnova, Alyona Kuptsova


Alexandr Ustinov

Directed by

Anna Boguslavskaya


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"




Marina Belozerova (Inna Kolyada) is a police operative working for the Homicide Division led by Col. Uvarov (Andrei Kazakov). Her looks of a tender and charming girl help her conceal her police identity in order to pose as someone else for tactical reasons. Her detection skills are outstanding, she can see through people and read their minds, she knows things about people they might not even suspect themselves. For that, she has been dubbed The Sorceress. As a newcomer Marina is met with dislike by her co-workers. They don’t believe she is a unique specialist and consider her Uvarov’s new girlfriend. But the first case she solves casts Belozerova in a more favorable light with the division team

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