Sergey Peregudov, Yuliya Rudina, Andrey Astrahantsev, Tihon Oskin, Alla Dovlatova, at al

Written by

Anush Vardanyan with the participation of Dmitriy Tyurin


Timur Iskyandarov

Music by

Svyatoslav Kurashov

Directed by

Dmitriy Tyurin


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

Solo for A Handgun And An Orchestra



A lonely widow living in seclusion outside the city, once sees an American movie on TV. The plot seems very familiar. It’s her own story, and even the name of the heroine is like her own name. The car accident in which her husband had died turns out to have been arranged. She rushes over to the police. But they think she is crazy. The case involving her husband’s death had been closed by Dmitry Glazkov, a retired police detective. Glazkov decides to conduct his own investigation. He finds Andre Nikolski, the director of the mysterious movie...

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