Roman Kurcyn, Vadim Callati, Samad Mansurov, Soslan Fidarov, Konstantin Topolaga, Mihail Samohvalov, Sergey Zagrebnev, Acamaz Baykulov, Boris Shevchenko

Written by

Gennady Ananyev, Yuri Boiko, Oleg Kirillov, Natalia Matveyeva, Dmitri Rednikov


Sergei Valtsov

Music by

Aleksey Shelygin

Directed by

Rustam Urazayev


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

The Shooting Mountains

Heroic Drama


The story is set in the early 21st century. Gangs of terrorists were gathering at the time in the Pankisi Gorge at the Ichkeria – Georgia border. The action packed Shooting Mountains series tells a story about clashes between Russian border guards and rebel fighters. Guards at one of the frontier outposts learn that rebel fighters are planning to illegally cross the Russian-Georgian border. The border guard Captain Merkuriev defends a mountain passage and, at the cost of his soldiers’ lives, manages to hold off and scatter a group of rebel fighters. The fighters are stronger in numbers, and Merkuriev is seriously wounded. In this battle Merkuriev makes an enemy whom he will face not once. It’s Hassan, the leader of a large terrorist unit.

Having suffered a defeat which he feels is shameful for a warrior, Hassan names Merkuriev, who is the sole survivor, his blood enemy. Now Merkuriev in order to survive has to win the war of nerves with the terrorists and take down Hassan

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