Alexander Ustyugov, Svetlana Smirnova, Vsevolod Tsurilo, Sergei Peregudov, et al.

Written by

Maxim Esaulov, Andrey Romanov, Andrey Orlov, Sergey Mayorov


Vladimir Lykov

Music by

Maksim Koshevarov

Directed by

Andrei Elinson


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

My Name Is Shilov



After being fired from the police force Roman Shilov (Alexander Ustyugov) sets about solving his personal problems. But his plans of spending time with Maksakova (Svetlana Smirnova) are thwarted by a phone call from the wife of Mikhail Krasnov whose testimony helped put a dangerous killer behind bars. Full of tears, Nadya Krasnova tells Shilov Mikhail was kidnapped by unknown persons. As Shilov comes to the rescue of his old friend he is drawn into a criminal vortex which shatters the placid life of a small provincial town where the Krasnovs owned an auto repair shop. The local crime lord nicknamed Professor is looking for the stolen cash stash blaming Krasnov for its disappearance

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