Anna Miklosh, Olga Medynich, Valeriy Cheburkanov, Aleksey Zavyalov, Aleksandr Iovlev, Alena Lozhkina, Yuriy Ageykin, Svetlana Kazartseva

Written by

Valentin Chernyh


Aleksey Solodov

Music by

Viktor Lebedev

Directed by

Andrey Chernyh


“New Russian Serial”


Ada Staviskaya

She Wolf



One of the top companies selects a college student and her friend to be subsequently hired as corporate managers. As it becomes clear that there are two candidates for a single position, the friend, in an attempt to put her rival out of the way, plants a marked banknote on the heroine and accuses her of theft (no major company would employ a thief in the ordinary course of things). To make things worse, the fiend’s potential fiancé falls for the heroine, thereby creating an additional motive for the betrayal.

The story is a chain of dramatic situations in which the heroine is mercilessly destroyed. But as the story unfolds, the heroine studies and masters both self- defense and aggression and then strikes back fiercely.

The modern businesswoman does not need an angel-like personality. Her experience has taught her how to fight. The heroine is not an avenger, she’s a punisher. She always knows how to use her strength. And when in the end she is dubbed the “She-Wolf”, she doesn’t mind: the world needs some balancing. The world needs wolves to destroy those individuals who don’t wish to play by the society rules.

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