Nikolai Dobrynin, Farkhat Makhmudov, Yuriy Moseichuk, Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya, Alexander Kuznetsov, Vladimir Yavorskiy

Written by

Sergei Labanov, Boris Khan


Yuriy Mikhailishin

Music by

Aleksei Mogilevskiy

Directed by

Aleksandr Muratov


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"




Six loud murders solved on the spot by a tough and uncompromising Moscow operative Vasiliy Sharonov nicknamed The Sheriff.

The Sheriff is about 40. He is charming, charismatic and evil. The Sheriff should have received his promotion long time ago if it hadn’t been for his bad temper. He is used to boldly speaking the truth. His wife left him because of his temper. His adolescent son avoids him for the same reason. It is clear he is disliked by his bosses and subordinates alike.

But it is the Sheriff’s nature that helps him crack tough cases, find clues, identify suspects and elicit confessions. On top of all this, he’s fancied by his boss, Orlova. However, she would never admit her feelings, even to herself.

In the six two-episode stories the Sheriff acquits a boxer who has already confessed to killing a man, finds a robber who is a witness to a murder, and identifies the person whose ear was cut off and sent in a sushi container to a prominent businessman.


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