Maksim Averin, Nonna Grishaeva, Yurii Ickov, Kirill Jandarov, Sergei Peregudov, Irina Sokolova, Yurii Gercman, Vitalii Timashkov, Oleg Garkusha, Aleksandr Marushev, Gennadii Smirnov, at al.

Written by

Leonid Menaker


Aleksei Fedorov

Music by

Evgenii Vircer, Aleksei Pekarin, Stas Solodkin

Directed by

Aleksandr Ustyugov


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

Serve The Soviet Union

Military Drama


A decorated writer, chief editor of a major Soviet newspaper Mikhail Dontsov, has to rush to the printing shop abandoning the ceremony at which he is being handed his new government award. A horrible typing error has been noticed on the front page of the newspaper issue he has already signed off: the great leader’s name Stalin has been obscenely misspelled as Sralin. That night Dontsov does not return home. From his office he is taken straight to the Lubyanka prison. Dontsov has gotten used to the new reality but he is constantly troubled over the fate of his common-law wife Taya Meshcherskaya which still remains a mystery to him. Once he sees a hand-made billboard with her name on the wall of the prison camp club: Meshchervskaya arrives at the camp with a troupe of prison actors. It means she’s alive but is also serving prison time. Simultaneously Dontsov learns the stunning news that the USSR is at war with some enemy and seems to be suffering a crushing defeat. The bemused inmates conclude that the war is with the Germans. The news is confirmed the next day after the concert where Dontsov finally gets together with Taya. The inmates wake to the total silence. Nobody orders them to get up by ringing a bell, no roll call is announced. As they break out of their barracks the inmates, both political prisoners and criminals, see the guard towers and the standing empty, not a single guard being in sight. It turns out that the administration and the guards have secretly left the camp at night abandoning their charges. The reason becomes clear in a just few moments: the inmates hear a voice from across the barbed wire offering them the opportunity to join the victorious German army...


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