Vsevolod Tsurilo, Alexandra Cydoruk, Ilya Saveliev, Vlfdimir Birykov, Ruslan Katsagadzhiev, at al.

Written by

Maxim Yesaulov, Andrey Romanov, Sergey Mayorov, Andrey Orlov


Alexey Zaykov

Music by

Maxim Koshevarov, Pyotr Rozlomiy

Directed by

Dmitriy Averin


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

Separate Assignment

TV Movie

The movie Cop Wars has long been a popular brand. For eight years now the stories about the honest and charismatic cops have drawn audiences to the screen.

The big career play inside the police force never stops. Everybody climbs the ladder gradually shedding their sense of duty and honor. Only true professionals work hard without waiting for petty rewards from higher up. Regardless of the situation they keep upholding law and order. Such are the officers from Saint Petersburg’s Homicide Division: Roman Shilov, Jackson and Pavel Arnautov.

Each of the screen characters has his own story to tell and he is ready to tell it.

The movie takes place when Pavel Arnautov is still a riot control officer. Arnautov toils away while worrying about his non-existent love life. Pavel is then sent on a mission with a CID operative as his partner. Their mission is quite simple: they need to transport an expensive car which has been stolen from a prominent businessman and discovered in one of the Russian towns to Saint Petersburg.

When they arrive in the town Pavel’s partner goes on a bender, and Pavel has to transport the car by himself. At first the ride seems quite pleasant: nice car, good weather, scenic route. Almost a vacation. And a cute hitchhiker girl to boot. Simply a dream! Only not all dreams end well. At first somebody tries to steal the car. Then Pavel is assaulted in a roadside café and the assailants take the car away from him. He knows he will never be able to pay for the lost “piece of evidence”. So he starts his own investigation far away from his home town. He learns that the assault on him is connected with the hitchhiker.

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