Yelena Obolenskaya, Kirill Kozakov, Andrei Sergeyev, Kirill Zaporozhskiy, Dmitri Brusnikin, Yekaterina Astakhova, Alexei Lysenkov, Yulia Maiboroda, Yelizaveta Lotova

Written by

Tatiana Artseulova, Anna Suvorova


Yuri Garmash, Igor Khorev, Andrei Vatsura

Music by

Ilya Dukhovny

Directed by

Daria Poltoratskaya





Russian Chocolate



Matvei Pakhomov, the owner of the bread-baking plant, has long been an unofficial “father” of the old provincial town of Spassk. Strong and powerful, Pakhomov rules the town by dictating the citizens the rigorous rules of a sated, obedient and puritanic community.

But one day all bets are off as some strange people come to town and the quietness goes away once and for good!... The Koltsov family arrives from Moscow. They open a café called Russian Chocolate where they serve their customers with hot chocolate made to an ancient Belgian recipe and delicious homemade pastries along with kind words, jokes and sympathy. The main heroine of our story is the café’s owner Marina Koltsova. It was she who convinced her family to move to Spassk in order to avoid financial problems they faced because of the crisis, and to start a new life in a small town. She is bright, pretty, hard-working, and sharp. More importantly, she has strong enough personality to strike a spark out of those around her. Soon, people from all over the town start pouring in, and Russian Chocolate becomes a focal point of a “different life”, a club of sorts, where you can always share your grief or happiness with others. The Koltsovs are about to stir up the sleepy town and radically alter the beliefs and views of the townsfolk.


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