Road Patrol



To fight road crimes, a special police force was set up in Saint Petersburg. One of the teams is headed by Captain Marina Voronina.

Car thefts are often accompanied by murders. Criminal shoot-outs also end in deaths.

Each episode ends with a mind-dazzling car chase sequence featuring various types of vehicles and Captain Voronina with her partner Odintsov...


Irina Sotikova, Yuriy Elagin, Aleksandr Vontov, Sergey Vlasov, Valeriy Kuhareshin, Arkadiy Koval

Written by

Andrey Ivanov, Dmitriy Rubin, Aleksandr Paygalik


Maksim Voloh

Music by

Grigoriy Voskoboynik

Directed by

Vlad Furman, Yuriy Tsurkanu


Graffiti Film Production


"Forward Film"

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