Sergei Cepov, Denis Shevchenko, Andrei Feskov, Helga Filippova, Vitalii Kovalenko, Yurii Ickov, Aleksandr Ovchinnikov, Boris Voicehovskii, Aleksandr Marushev, Sergei Umanov, Polina Nevedomskaya, Elizaveta Makarova, Vsevolod Mosyuk, Tatyana Aptikeeva, Rudolf Kuld, at al.

Written by

Maksim Esaulov, Andrey Orlov


Timur Iskyandarov

Music by

Aleksei Pekarin with the participation of Stas Solodkin, Evgeny Vircer

Directed by

Aleksandr Ustyugov


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

Protected By The State



In the early twenty first century attacks on witnesses in criminal proceedings connected with organized crimes became more frequent. The Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to set up a witness protection service. A team of officers were charged with protecting the safety of witnesses and policemen working on serious cases.

The service was created but the personnel was not told what to do. They were provided with nothing but desks and chairs. Thus, the lives of the protected came to depend on the skills, bravery and decency of the officers who were sent to work on the team because nobody else needed them. But those who are not needed by the system are often the best. Because they are mavericks.

On Protected by the State the heroes will face different people whose safety they must ensure. Their charges range from a criminal denouncing his pals in order to earn state protection and then disappear to an operative who works against a notorious mafia boss. And it’s up to the officers to decide on ways to provide the protection.


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