Anton Makarskiy, Elena Nikolaeea, Olga Samoshina, Viktor Terelya, Aleksandra Kulikova, Sergey Barkovskiy, Sergey Podnozov, Yuriy Lazarev, Valentin Bukin, Valeriy Kuhareshin, Mihail Razumovskiy, Yuriy Vladovskiy, Sergey Kozyrev, Stanislav Ryadinskiy, Yuriy Orlov, Igor Chernevich, Olga Valeeva, Vadim Lobanov, Olga Antonoa, Anna Astrahantseva, Kirill Poluhin, Rudolf Kuld, Pavel Basov, at al.

Written by

Denis Karyshev, Aleksandr Turbin


Mihail Levitin

Music by

Yuriy Krasavin

Directed by

Evgeniy Ivanov




Vladimir Dostal

The Pen And The Sword

Historical Series


Screenplay based on the same-titled novel by Valentin Pikul

The series is based on little-known events from the diplomatic history of what later became known as the Seven Years’ War; it is about glorious victories of the Russian army which battled its way into Berlin. However, the film focuses on the so-called back-stage diplomacy, a special phenomenon of the mid-century international relations where espionage, court intrigues and romance were closely intertwined with bribery and betrayal

One of the main characters – chevalier de Eon, a diplomat and a spy of Versailles at the Russian Court, a dueller and a republican, who lived as a man for 48 years and as a woman for another 34. No matter what he was wearing, a uniform or a laced dress, he covered himself with glory by wielding both pen and sword with equal mastery.

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