Based on Andrei Dyshev’s books

There is no such thing as an ex-operative, as a character from a popular series says... Kirill Vatsura, a long-time police operative, retires at 43. But instead of pleasant retirement he faces such ‘beauties’ of life as a civilian that he hardly manages to stay alive. A contract has been apparently put out on him. Not only bandits are trying to hunt him down, but also his former colleagues.



Pavel Novikov, Irina Golibina, Vasiliy Frolov, Viktor Markin, Vladimir Fedorov, Larisa Panomarenko, Andrey Moskichev, Timofey Fedorov, Ekaterina Volkova, Aleksandr Pahomov, Artem Artemev, Irina Lukina, at al.

Written by

Dmitriy Parmenov


Murat Gaziev

Music by

Andrey Pelevin

Directed by

Roman Romanovskiy


Yauza Film


"Forward Film"

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