Anna Ardova, Mihail Safronov, Vladimir Studenovskii, Yuliya Yakovleva, Roza Hairullina, Vladimir Borisov, Kira Kreilis- Petrova, Aleksandr Sayutalin, at al.

Written by

Olga Kulagina


Igor Yurov

Music by

Maksim Koshevarov

Directed by

Anna Boguslavskaya


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

Paid With Love



A middle-aged woman by the name of Tamara lives in a shabby two-story house in a small town of Mironovka. She sees the meaning of her live in her only daughter, Irina. Irina has a heart condition, but in spite of it she has gone to a big city to become a University student. She has warm relations with her mother whom she always trusts. Tamara separated with her husband Ivan long ago, he left her when their daughter was a little girl. But officially Tamara is still married.

Irina visits her mother on vacation. When she wakes in the morning, Irina sees a stranger inside the apartment. She dies of fright. The stranger turns out to be a Frenchamn called Paul Kade. Before the Revolution his ancestors had lived in the house, and now he needs to buy the house back.

The only joy of her life taken away from her, Tamara finds herself immersed in her late daughter’s world. Irina was into Internet surfing and had a lot of friends online. So Tamara starts to relive her daughter’s life in an attempt to dull the pain of loss. To buy the house Paul turns to realtors for help. Gennadiy also becomes a realtor because he needs money to provide medical treatment for his little daughter. By a twist of fate Tamara and Gennadiy meet, and the meeting of those two people who are on the brink of despair may become a crucial event in their lives...

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