Our Mission

New Media Programming acquires worldwide IP rights to some of the top Russian language TV series for further use in:

  • Pay Television - broadcaster acquire our highly acclaimed and top rated content to air on their general entertainment and/or thematic channels. 

  • Pay-Per-View - our clients give their viewers an opportunity to see our content individually through their set-top boxes, we work with both cable and satellite broadcasting platforms as well as with hotel chains. 

  • Internet Broadcasting – some of our broadcaster clients additionally obtain the rights to broadcast  out content (together with their television channel) over the internet, but, only within geographic IP limitation to their specific territory.

  • OTT Platforms – a more recent development (last 2 years) that has a potential to dramatically increase the monetization potential of the library

New Media Programming provides highly sophisticated content library maintenance, storage and delivery

  • Storage - to maintain the original masters in perfect state to ensure its for years to come, the storage must be overseen by highly qualified personnel and masters must be stored in temperature and humidity controlled environments for physical media and with multiple redundancies in case of digital media. All content stored in highest resolution available ranging from SD (for older products) to 4K for our newest content.

  • Conversion - At our clients request we can convert the content to fit their platform - any audio/visual format is supported both digitally and physically, Additionally We  can offer up-conversion services for our clients  (SD to HD and/or 3:4 to 16:9) for older content

  • Delivery - NMP can deliver the content digitally over its dedicated IP lines to any location in the world, with up to, and including live broadcast quality performance. Furthermore clients can request digital physical delivery on HDD or SSD mediums or physical delivery on tapes in the format of their choosing.

New Media Programming manages  the Library's  IP rights for both the broadcasters and  content producers ensuring that everybody's rights are protected and optimal monetization is achieved for the entirety of the Library under our management.


  • Rights Management - We monitor broadcasting runs for every minute of content under management in every territory where out content is used. This ensures that content owners get all the promised compensation and further efficient monetization of content continues.

  • Anti-Piracy Efforts - New Media Programming closely cooperates with authorities and private corporation and individual to battle video piracy on every platform - including but not limited to unlawful broadcasting of our content over pirate television channels, video hosting services (e.g. Youtube), torrent sites and other platform that engage in IP rights infringement,

  • Marketing - New Media Programming and its team of highly knowledgeable  marketing and sales specialists work on expanding our Library's reach and coverage - we work across the globe and practically on every continent!  

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