One Against All



Two competing companies of video pirates try to oust each other from the sales market. One of the companies headed by ex-kingpin Gorsky is infiltrated by Alexei, a man working for the competitors. He manages to gain Gorsky’s trust and becomes his confidant. Gorsky’s wife is Alexei’s former school chum... What was once love now sparks alive. Meanwhile, the police tell Alexei to inform them on Gorsky’s criminal activities. And Alexei becomes a double agent. Balancing on the edge of exposure and fiasco, Alexei is playing an intricate and risky game with his personal sentiments thrown in.


Sergey Derevyanko, Aleksandr Slastin, Evgeniya Guseva, Oleg Maslennikov, Pavel Piskun, Valeriya Skorohodova, Alla Klyuka, Sergey Romanyuk, at al.

Written by

Yuliya Damsker, Eduard Reznik with the participation of Vladimira Morozova i Mihaila Sokolovskogo (idea by Aleksandr Zamyatin)


Artem Melkumyan

Music by

Aleksandr Gritsenko

Directed by

Vladimir Morozov


Studio 217 ARS


"Forward Film"

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