Igor Kostolevskiy, Maksim Bryzgalin, Olga Medynich, Klavdiya Belova, at al.

Written by

Elena T opilskaya


Dmitriy Kazakov

Music by

Pavel Malkov

Directed by

Viktoriya Zueva


“New Russian Serial”


Andrey Kamorin, Ada Staviskaya

Old Cases



Twelve episodes with a criminal setting, mysterious disappearance of people and unusual methods of investigation conducted by the main characters.

Vasiliy Vasilievich Mazaev, a former surveillance officer and now a lawyer with a private firm, and his two young assistants – Yulya Zaitseva and Yura Zaitsev, look for people who disappeared. They tackle the most hopeless and unusual cases which the police refuse to investigate.

Mazayev is a totally unremarkable person in everyday life but he is capable of almost everything in a critical situation. His personal tragedy became a strong motive to keep on looking for disappeared people.

If Mazayev is the mastermind behind the searching activities, Yura and Yulya are practical workers. They have to be inventive and clever. Sometimes they have to wear a disguise...

The series refers the viewer to stories of Sherlock Holmes, Perry Mason and Nero Wolfe.

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