Tatyana Bondarenko, Dmitriy Palamarchuk, Vitaliy Kuklin, Anton Vasilev, Darya Yurgens, Egor Bakulin, Kira Petrova, Marina Chernyshova, at al.

Written by

Olga Strokan


Aleksandr Polagaev

Music by

Maksim Koshevarov

Directed by

Maksim Papernik


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

If You Are Not Born Beautiful ... 



Co-owners of the advertising agency Major, Robert and Marina, are looking forward to signing a deal with a Japanese businessman who is about to come to Russia for the signature. As with many other things, this deal is Marina’s brainchild. She often has to put in a double amount of work. Her colleague Robert is more interested in society life. Without him, however, the existence of the agency would be questionable, since he is a real advert genius and a very successful person. Right on the eve of the Japanese businessman’s visit Robert suddenly disappears. Marina realizes she will not be able to close the deal without her colleague. Horrified, she starts a search and suddenly bumps into a drifter wearing Robert’s clothes...

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