Konstantin Yushkevich, Yekaterina Nikitina, Armands Neilands- Yaunzems, Vlad Pavlov, Ivan Ryzhikov, Maria Bayeva, Nikolai Korobov

Written by

Dmitry Grachev, Aleksei Gordovsky


Alexander Alyoshnikov

Music by

Vitaliy Istomin

Directed by

Anatoly Artamonov


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

The Ninth Division



Operatives from the police search department do not investigate notorious murder cases, scams and shady deals. They look for missing persons. Although they rarely participate in shootouts, pursuits and armed arrests, their activities are no less dangerous and complex.

An unidentified dead body is found in Lyublino. The operatives Margarita Sokolovskaya and Marat Ruvimov arrive at the crime scene for identification. A conflict sparks between them and the local district cops. Colonel Shevtsov, who arrives at the request of his colleagues, recognizes one of the Lyublino cops as Yuri Chesnokov, an old acquaintance of his. Chesnokov’s an operative by the grace of god, but he hasn’t built any career because of clashes he has with his bosses.

Shevtsov tries to convince Chesnokov to join the Ninth Division, but Chesnokov agrees only to a temporary stint.

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