National Security Agent



Aleksey Nikolaiev, national security agent, is assigned to investigate the most intricate crimes. The hero, Nikolaiev, is modest and ordinary but at the same time an intelligent good looking family man with charm and sense of humor. His life however is far from simple. He grew up in Ligovka the center of a big mobster district, and then went to Afghanistan returning to study theater in college. This gave him the foundation of talents that allows him the ability to transform himself, for the sake of each case. Like a chameleon he moves easily from hobo to “James Bond” and at the end of the day comes out the winner.


Mihail Porechenkov, Andrey Krasko, Andrey Tolubeev, Vadim Yakovlev, at al.

Written by

Igor Ageev, Vladimir Vardunas


Aleksandr Ustinov

Music by

Andrey Sigle

Directed by

Dmitriy Svetozarov, Ernest Yasan, Andrey Chernyh, Vitaliy Aksenov


“Russkoye Video-Film”


Aleksandr Kapitsa


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