Olga Ponizova, Sergey Murzin, Arina Stepanova, Foma Byzgu, Leonid Alimov, Evgeniy Merkurev, Sergey Lysov, Vasiliy Reutov, Olga Olshanskaya, Yuliya Yakovleva, Yuliya Men, Petr Korolev, Andrey Noskov, Mark Dinovets

Written by

Anush Vardanyan, Andrey Libenson


Leonid Vasilev

Music by

Viktor Lebedev

Directed by

Tatyana Melnikova


Panorama Studio


Ada Staviskaya




A story about a modern young woman of the type you often encounter nowadays. She’s not a person to retreat before difficulties but she would never think of winning without regard for the cost.

The heroine, Inna Malakhova, is fond of her profession (aerobics coach), happy in her marriage to a prominent businessman, with two wonderful children. This idyllic existence suddenly ends when she learns that her husband Sergei is a gang boss and merciless killer. Realizing that she cannot stay with such a man she leaves taking her children along. This begins her heroic odyssey across Russia and the world during which this woman alone must not only avoid the thugs sent by her gangster husband but also find a place for herself and her children to start a new life. She settles down in a small northern town. In an attempt to to overcome apathy and provincial inertia she establishes a sport club. Meanwhile Sergei sends his business partner Bobo to look for his wife and children. Bobo finds the fugitives but Inna convinces him to leave her alone and not to disclose her whereabouts to the husband. In exchange, she vows to fulfill any request he makes…


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