Vladimir Zherebtsov, Andrei Frolov, Alexander Tsurkan, Vladimir Steklov, Alexei Buldakov, Viktor Suprun, Andrei Butin, Marina Gaizidorskaya et al.

Written by

Andrei Zhitkov, Dmitri Gachev, Alexander Dugov, Yuliya Matsuk, Sergei Rakhmetov


Oleg Ikhlov

Music by

Ilya Dukhovny

Directed by

Konstantin Statsky, Yevgeniy Nevsky


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

Moscow. Railroad Station Plaza



The square in front of the railway stations is a whole world in itself. It’s always crowded. People come and go. The hustle and bustle never abates... The square is a showcase of the giant megapolis. The Komsomol Square (often referred to as the Three Railway Stations Square) is like a three-headed dragon who keeps on swallowing thousands and thousands of people who come to Moscow. In addition, the square is a place of crime. It is populated by all kinds of crooks, conmen, tramps, panhandlers, street urchins, gypsies... Each of them is looking for easy meat. Policemen working the Three Stations Square will never run out of work.

The main heroes are policemen in charge of the Square. There are three of them. In the past, they also came to Moscow from various parts of Russia and disembarked at the Three Stations Square.

Apart from work, the heroes have their private lives and special interests. One of them lives in police quarters; the others have families and kids, etc. Their lives are full of events – some of them are serious, some are hilarious. Some have troubles on the home front, some are lucky to avoid them.

The series is set in one and the same place – the Three Stations Square and its surroundings.

Each episode features investigation of a crime occurring within the area


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