Anna Kovalchuk, Boris Hvoshnyanskiy, Aleksandr Klemantovich, Nikolay Spiridonov, Alena Barkova, Tatyana Polonskaya, Igor Volkov, Zlata Ilchenko, at al.

Written by

Yuriy Tarabanchuk


Aleksey Solodov

Music by

Maksim Koshevarov

Directed by

Aleksey Shikin


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

May I Call You Mama?



Darya Semyonova, a famous and successful writer and the girlfriend of the TV star Aleksei Roshchin, is an extravagant person who often acts in an offhand way. One day, without warning anyone, she leaves everything behind and, having bought groceries for a month ahead, travels to the country, to the village where her grandmother’s old house, where she had spent every summer as a kid, still stands. Everything is familiar to her in the village, she meets old friends with whom she used to play together as a kid. The village is a perfect place to work on her new romance novel. However, the things around her are not as peaceful as they seem: there is nothing idyllic about the surly retired captain next door who has been looking down on Semyonova since the time he first saw her. That unsociable ex-military man watches over Vasya Naidyonov, a homeless boy who recently escaped from the orphanage. Vasya dreams of travelling to the city and find his mom who had left him at the orphanage doorstep. He tries to earn a little money running errands for the villagers. Unexpectedly, Vasya’s fate gets the attention of Aleksei Roshchin who comes to the village to find his disappearing girlfriend and to propose marriage to her. But the TV star’s exuberance and casual ways will soon lead to unpredictable consequences...

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