Nikita Zverev, Oleg Morozov, Aleksei Grishin, Ol'ga Filippova, Maksim Schegolev, Mila Makarova, Vitalii Kudryavcev, Vadim Andreev, Ramil' Sabitov, Aleksandr Farber, Tagir Rahimov, Oleg Kamenschikov

Written by

Gennady Garonsky


Viktor Makarov

Music by

Petr Kiselev

Directed by

Ramil' Sabitov


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

Making The Wanted List



Vadim Rogov, who has been wrongly accused of murdering his wife, is being transported from one prison to another. He is facing life in prison. However, he is freed by a traffic incident. He faces a dilemma. Either give in and admit his non- existing guilt. Or find the real killers of his wife and acquit himself in the eyes of his friends and daughters. Of course Rogov decides to run! He becomes a hunted man. And it is not only the police who are after him. The persons who are behind his wife's murder also try to take him down by any means necessary. Vadim Rogov must cope with his relatives' dislike, his close friends' betrayal, but in the end he uncovers the truth, finds new friends and a new love.

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