Nikita Zverev, Amadu Mamadakov, Igor Artashonov, Dmitry Arosyev, Yekaterina Yudina, Yelena Obolenskaya

Written by

Arseniy Sukhoverkhov, with the participation of Lev Yakov, Alexei Gordovskiy, Natalia Popova


Oleg Ivanov

Music by

Alexei Mogilevskiy

Directed by

Aleksandr Smirnov


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

The Main Version



Pashtak Talanov, an operative from Altai, joins the Moscow CID division headed by Colonel Uvarov. Uvarov assigns the new operative as a partner to Captain Yevgeni Kolchin. Now they are to work as a team.

Right away they are assigned their first case. Businessman Mikhail Dementiev and his wife are found dead in their apartment. The businessman's younger brother Anatoly becomes suspect. Neighbors saw him leaving his brother's apartment on the day of the murder.

Experienced Kolchin believes that the solution of the crime is on the surface. However, "rookie" Talanov convinces his partner that what they are dealing with is not an ordinary case of domestic violence.

They are entirely different – impulsive Talanov and level-headed Kolchin. Yet they have something in common: they both love their work. Facing deadly risk they will solve many different crimes: murders, robberies, kidnappings. The operatives are convinced that criminals should not be left unpunished.

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